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Convo Pro Wheel & Tyre Package: Mickey SS Radial up to 295 Black 15x8.5" Ford Bolt Circle 5x 4.50", (-32) 3.50" Back Space

Ford 15x8.5 Bolt Circle 5x4.5", 3.5" Back Space Convo Pro ll Wheel
Wheel nuts and washers sold seperately.

  • RID-5481-C chrome washer.
  • RID-5200 1/2" closed end wheel nut.
  • RID-5205 M12x1.5 closed end wheel nut.

  • ET Street S/S Tyres 15" Rim
    D.O.T. approved STREET tire which provides excellent traction at the STRIP.

  • Proven Polyester-ply, steel belted, tubeless radial construction provides strength & durability for excellent ride control on the STREET.
  • Proven R2 compound provides quick and consistent traction at the STRIP with little burnout required.
  • Minimal tread void for excellent dry traction, strategically placed to aid in hydroplane resistance.

  • Requires fitting & balancing

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    STP002-158000F-BK-MTT Convo Pro Wheel & Tyre Package Mickey SS Radial up to 295 Black 15x8.5' Ford Bolt Circle 5x 4.50', (-32) 3.50' Back Space $1,350.00    Add to Cart   


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