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EWP80 & LCD Controller Combo (12v)

EWP80 Electric Water Pump and LCD EWP & Fan Digital Controller Combo Kit

- Nylon Housing

- 21.13 Gallon Per Minute Flow Rate

- 12-Volt Motor

The revolutionary, Australian-designed EWP80 is made from anti-corrosive, lightweight, heat-resistant, glass-filled nylon and incorporates a ceramic faced seal for long-life durability. The EWP80 greatly enhances engine cooling control while giving you added power and improved fuel economy. By removing the parasitic power losses of a belt-driven, mechanical water pump the EWP can provide up to 10kW (13hp) of extra power and increased torque.

The LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller will manage both the EWP and Thermatic fan operation. The Digital Controller will vary the speed of the EWP in response to the engine’s coolant temperature. Multiple temperature settings are provided on the Controller for either maximum power or fuel efficiency.

The Thermatic Fan/s will be activated automatically once the engine coolant rises 5.4°F (3°C) above the targeted (set) temperature. The Digital Controller will automatically run on for three minutes (or to 14°F / 10°C below the set temperature) after engine shut down, eliminating ‘heat soak’ and extending engine life.

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