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Auto Drag

  • Featuring Center Line's classic solid face, riveted performance wheel.
  • Hi-Polish Mirror Finish or Satin Machine Finish.
  • 4 or 5-lug.
  • 14" & 15" diameter in various widths (3.5" to 15").
  • Typically to fit any diamter wider than 9 inches, requires careful measuring and/or modifications to the vehicle -- wider sizes tend to fit the rear only.
  • Fits cars: Chevy, GM, Ford, Dodge, Pontiac, Chrysler, Mopar and many more.

Technical Specifications:
  • Modular aluminum wheel manufactured by riveting two wheel halves together back to back.
  • 1125 lb. load rating per wheel w/ 30" max tire diameter (OK to run taller drag slicks).
  • Wheels are light weight and designed for performance on the track & street.

Part No. Description Price Shop
CL-055154507 Auto Drag Wheel Satin, 15x15, Bolt Circle 5x4.75 Holden Chevrolet & 5x4.5 Ford, Back Space 4-7/8 $832.35    Add to Cart   


Centerline Push in Wheel Cap with 2 Decals
Magnum 2.0 1-Piece Fronts Black
Ford Bolt Circle 5x 4.50' (6) 5.0' Back Space 15x8.5 Black Street Pro ll Convo Wheel
Street Pro ll Convo Wheel Black 17x4.5' Ford Bolt Circle 5 x 4.50' (-26) 1.75' Back Space
Holden Chevrolet Bolt Circle 5 x 4.75'(6) 5.0' Back Space Black 15x8.5 Street Pro ll Convo Wheel
Ford 15x6 Bolt Circle 5x4.5'' 3.5'' Back Space Convo Pro ll Wheel
Ford 15x8.5 Bolt Circle 5x4.5", 3.5" Back Space Convo Pro ll Wheel
Holden Chevrolet 18x7 Bolt Circle 5x 4.75', (12) 4.50' Back Space Black Wheel
Ford 15x10 Bolt Circle 5x 4.50', (-51) 3.50' Back Space Black Wheel
Holden Chevrolet Ford 15x6 Dual Bolt Circle (0) 3.50'' Back Space Polished Convo Wheel
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