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Ford 9'' Pro Ford Bevel Set 9.0 Pro Lightning Series Ring & Pinion Gear Set

US Gear is proud to announce the launch of the new Lightning Series! This high-performance gear set is made in the U.S.A. and undergoes a unique treatment known as Isotropic Superfinishing (ISF®). The ISF® Process produces not only an outstanding highly-polished look, it also generates a non-directional low Ra surface (the measurement of surface finish, or smoothness, of a part). Produced with mass finishing equipment in conjunction with chemical accelerants, the ISF® Process is non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Features & Benifits -
- Eliminates Break-in.
- Reduces Friction and Wear.
- Increases Part Durability.
- Improves Corrosion Resistance.
- Reduces Lubrication Requirements and Cost .
- Improves Oil Retention Properties.
- Reduces Contact and Bending Fatigue.
- Improves Pitting Resistance.
- Reduces Vibration and Noise.
- Extends Component Life.
- Reduces Part Failures.
- Minimizes Overheating.

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