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Ford Bevel 8'' Pinion Shaft Diameter 1.88'' Spline 25 Gear Set

The superior quality of gear sets is the result of years of development, outstanding design, and state of the art manufacturing processes. US Gear performance products can be found anywhere a premium product is demanded.

US Gear offer ring and pinion sets in a wide range of ratios for many applications. The gear sets are manufactured to the highest quality standards using state of the art CNC machining and gear cutting equipment, and are heat treated on-site in computer controlled furnaces.
Part No. Description Price Shop
USG-07-880280 Ring & Pinion Gear Set,Ford 8',2.80 $346.25    Add to Cart   
USG-07-880300 Ring & Pinion Gear Set,Ford 8',3.00 $331.10    Add to Cart   
USG-07-880325 Ring & Pinion Gear Set,Ford 8',3.25 $331.10    Add to Cart   
USG-07-880355 Ring & Pinion Gear Set,Ford 8',3.55 $307.29    Add to Cart   
USG-07-880380 Ring & Pinion Gear Set,Ford 8',3.80 $307.29    Add to Cart   
USG-07-880411 Ring & Pinion Gear Set,Ford 8',4.11 $307.29    Add to Cart   
USG-07-880462 Ring & Pinion Gear Set,Ford 8',4.62 $307.29    Add to Cart   


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