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SmartWire Kit

Racepak SmartWire kits are fully programmable power distribution modules, capable of controlling 30 outputs (on/off switching) and 12 inputs (switch-activated) on any type of 12–16 VAC systems. Fuses, relays, and solenoids are eliminated, instead controlled through solid-state switching inside the housing. Current outputs and switching inputs—along with a nearly unlimited variety of on-off switching functions—are user-programmable through the Racepak DataLink II software.

Racepak SmartWire kits can operate in three different modes:
  • Stand Alone: Power from the battery is connected to the power stud of the SmartWire. Outputs to each device in the vehicle are connected to one of two 15-pin connectors; output currents and related requirements are programmed via connection of the SmartWire to the user's PC. Switching off and on of the devices is handled through inputs on the 15-pin connectors or optional SwitchPanel or SwitchModule.
  • In conjunction with Racepak V-Net sensors: Want to automatically turn on a radiator fan, but only when the water temperature is above 190 degrees? Add a Racepak V-Net water temperature sensor to the vehicle, connect it to the V-Net port of the SmartWire, and program it through use of a PC connected to the SmartWire.
  • In conjunction with a Racepak V-Net data logger: This allows the SmartWire to be connected to the single V-Net T cable, which transmits all sensor data to the data logger. They "borrow" the sensor data to trigger devices based on desired programmed settings. In addition, all states and conditions of each channel can now be monitored and recorded in the DataLink II software, alongside all the other sensor data.
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RPK-500-KT-SW30 Data Acquisition, SmartWire Kit, Programming Cable, Connectors, Wiring Sockets, DatalinkII Software, Kit $3,285.00    Add to Cart   


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