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Camber Radial Tyres 245/45-17

A truly innovative tire, the M&H Racemaster Camber sport radial is a tire that will revolutionize drag racing and road racing for modern performance cars that utilize independent suspension. With two degrees of camber built into the tread, these tires stay planted even when the camber changes throughout the suspension cycle. These tyres fit on most modern sports cars with no major modifications.

It works well on rear wheel drive, front wheel drive and all wheel drive applications and it has been tested thoroughly, with proven gains in track times. The new M&H Camber sport radial tires also offer great street driving characteristics but be advised that wet road conditions are not advised in most cases. Increased traction, reduced wheel hop, street-friendly--the M&H Camber sport radial is an innovative tire.

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MH-MCD-001 CAMBER Radial Drag Racing TYRE 245/45R-17 $381.02    Add to Cart   


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