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Fuel Injection Controller

Harley-Davidson's® come from the factory with very lean air fuel mixtures. Adding a high performance exhaust like the Patriot® Defender creates an even leaner mixture due to the increased efficiency of the exhaust. It is therefore highly recommended that a fuel injection controller be added to make the bike run cooler and take advantage of the available power increases.

Designed and manufactured with OEM style and quality connector, the Top Fueler installs in your Harley® without splicing or modifying your existing wiring or factory components. Installation generally takes less than one hour and the Top Fueler is designed with a failsafe mode that most brands do not have; should the Top Fueler ever fail, it will revert to the factory stock settings instead of leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

The Top Fueler comes pre-programmed for specific models and set up to work with the Patriot® Defender Exhaust systems. Top Fueler's can be easily fine-tuned for changes in riding style or to accommodate the installation of other performance products from cam kits to big bore motors.

Due to the advanced technology it is not necessary to connect to a computer or use a dyno for tuning making installation and tuning completely user friendly.

Available in two versions: Race and California Legal. The race version is for those hitting the race track of who live in areas not requiring Emissions compliance or testing and may never be used in California or states that have adopted California type regulations. The California legal version does not modify the fuel delivery at idle and the steady cruise conditions that are used for emissions testing. It is legal for road use under C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-20. Select which version you need carefully.

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PAT-M161600R Patriot Top Fueler, Fuel Injection Controller suit Harley V Twin exc V rod 1995-2005 $399.00    Add to Cart   


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