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1050 CFM Dominator 1 x 4 Gas 2-Circuit Metering Carburettor

The original DominatorĀ® took carburetion to another level in 1969 when it was developed for NASCARĀ® racing. Holley Dominator carburetors are designed specifically for making top end horsepower and torque in high end racing engines and are the perfect carburetor for the budget minded racer.

Classic Dominator carburetors feature an aluminum main body with a contoured venturi inlet for balanced airflow and increased horsepower, screw in air bleeds for easy fine tuning, high flow metering system with race calibrations and annular boosters. Other features include Dominator fuel bowls to allow plumbing from either side, high flow needle and seats, 50cc accelerator pumps, and 4 corner idle.

The Classic Dominator carburetors are available in 2 or 3 circuit configurations and your choice of 1x4 or 2x4 set-ups. The Classic Dominator is also offered in a methanol or marine calibration.

  • Gold Dichromate finish on fuel bowls for corrosion resistance.
  • Race only calibration.
  • Contoured venturri inlet offers balanced airflow for increased horsepower
  • Annular Boosters deliver excellent signal and throttle response.
  • Screw in air bleeds offer precision tuning capabilities.
  • 4 corner idle allows you to precisely control your idle system.
  • Progressive Secondaries for perfect off the line launches.
  • Dual 50cc accelerator pumps provide the perfect amount of fuel from idle to full throttle.
  • Dual fuel inlets for constant high volume fuel delivery.
  • Fuel bowl can be plumbed from either side for ease of installation.
  • Includes notched float and jet extensions.
  • 100% wet-flow tested by Holley technicians to assure it arrives ready to run!
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HL0-8082-1 Carburettor Model 4500 1050 cfm Dominator 4-Barrel Dual Inlet Dichromate Each $1,477.98    Add to Cart   


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